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Find Your Ideal AI Resort

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

What does "AI" include? AI short for All Inclusive and offers travelers a variety of an abundance of dining, beverages, activities, entertainment and much more. There are a wide range of amazing resorts offering an all inclusive packages available, especially in Mexico and the Caribbean. While many properties may appear similar, a travel consultant can assist in finding the ideal resort for a honeymoon, friends retreat, or a family getaway.

Here are some helpful tips when choosing your next all inclusive getaway:

  • Do you prefer a small or larger resort?

  • Do you prefer adults only (18+) or family resorts (there are some that provide both)

  • Do you prefer a full service spa, 24 hour room service, and luxury amenities?

  • How important is your view? Do you prefer garden, poolside or views of the sea?

  • Is top shelf alcohol preferred? Many resorts will provide you a list of beverages they offer.

  • Are you more of a book reader and enjoy quiet spaces or are you the first to sign up for dance lessons, aerobics, yoga, volleyball, bingo, and other fun activities?

  • Are you a diver or like to golf? Some resorts offer scuba and golf courses on site or nearby.

  • Do you prefer calm, clear ocean to play in or do you prefer to enjoy watching and listening to the waves crash along the shore?

  • Do you prefer multiple à la carte dining options or buffet style, or both?

A good travel agent knows which resorts offer the best beaches, nightlife, dining experiences and more to assist clients in choosing their ideal vacation. There are many sites online that may help guide you in selecting the perfect destination and property.


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