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Choosing Your Stateroom

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

New to cruising? Do you wonder why there are so many staterooms that are priced differently? Most cruise lines offer a variety of ship sizes with several deck levels. The larger the ship, the more choices you have in choosing the stateroom that's right for you.

Balconies offer guests a private entry to outside while cruising to their destination. Some enjoy a cup of coffee along with fresh air from the sea before starting their day. They are typically offered mid-deck levels and located in the aft (rear of the ship), middle, or forward (front of the ship). The balconies in the aft typically are a bit larger and some guests enjoy watching dolphins follow the ship's path, especially in Alaska.

Some prefer to stay mid-ship and middle deck levels for convenience. These are typically the most popular staterooms and also priced higher. Depending on your cruise itinerary will also help determine which side of the ship to select. The left side is referred to as 'PORT' and is easy to remember because PORT and LEFT each have 4 letters. 2. short for "port of call". The right-hand side of the ship is referred to 'STARBOARD' and RIGHT HAND each have nine letters. We recommend guests that are sensitive to motion to avoid staying in the forward, as depending on the vessel and itinerary, one may feel more movement and become sea sick.



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